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by Thirsty!

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Our second release, recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey on Nov 5/6, 2011.


released December 16, 2011

Brian Wallace - vocals
Tom Anderer - guitar
Chris Lovrich - bass
Vinny Panza - drums

All songs written by Thirsty!. Lyrics by Brian Wallace, except for Dear Guys by Chris Lovrich. Recording, Mixing, Mastering by Jesse Korman & Kevin Anti-Assasin @ Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. Rehearsals at The End in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY and 9th Street Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY. Album artwork by Karen Duffy and Vinny Panza. Creative input and constant support by Old Souls Collective and Apocalypse Delivery Productions.



all rights reserved


Thirsty! Brooklyn, New York

Fast punk rock that seduces all your glands. Officially forming in mid-2009, they began writing the kind of late 90s melodic punk they grew up on.

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Track Name: Doesn't Fall Far
Yeah, we put him in the ground. But he still lives inside my head. Guess I could bury him in smoke. But knowing me, that would only make things worse. This tree is poisoned at the roots. And there ain't nothing I can do. I'm still haunted by his voice and by the things we saw. Our second floor torture chamber. My poor mother thinks it's all her fault. I can't tell her where this apple really falls. Because he's still inside, still inside my head. And I don't complain, because after all I've said. It's time to go dig him up and take a good look in the mirror. It's all I've got. In my head. In my head. And all this therapy and things that kids from my neighborhood are never supposed to have. Should I feel guilty? Should I feel anything at all? Should I feel anything at all?
Track Name: Meat Market
How's it going? Did everybody have a good time? Consequences, I know you've got yours and I've got mine. Did you hear me say, "anymore?" I can't do it, I can't do it. I don't want to win. I can't cut it. I can't cut it. I just can't compete. There we were, in your kitchen, forcing smiles. Tell me why. Talking loud but I can't hear you. When you say, "Whoever said that grownups can't have fun?" Make yourself so anxious and get trashed to laugh it off again. Tied down. Static. Force fed. One last time. There you go with all those questions. I must have answered them a hundred times. But I guess I'll entertain it just to make sure that we're clear. All my friends, they see it. In my mouth, repeating, why you do. Why you do, incomplete. Why I don't, can't compete.
Track Name: Celebration
I've got this great idea to share with all my friends. I'm so lucky just to be here. You know we ain't got much, but we'll share it all. Is it wrong to write a song just to celebrate my friends? Sing it loud. Sing it long. About this bond that makes us strong. There's power in the words. And there's power in the sweat. I know what keeps me here. I see it in your face.
Track Name: It Gets Better
A wise man said, "what you permit, you promote." So I've been thinking that I can't tolerate such casual use of a word that causes so much suffering. It gets better when we make it better. When we're not afraid to go from comfortable allies to comrades in the trenches. From the ones who nod our heads to the ones who lead the charge. What does it mean to raise stronger children? And what kind of world do you want to live in? It gets better when we make it better. Will we make it better? And it's almost like I'm still sitting there. Never knowing the right words to say. But you should know, M.A., that I'm sorry. And even though you can't see me I'm behind you.
Track Name: Riverbend
Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. Or maybe it just clouds all of our memories and pain. And even though I've convinced myself, something holds me back every single year. Every time I sit down to write this is still the only thing that comes to my mind. I guess we're all obsessed with Southern stories. Punks and trains. Can't explain. I guess no one could ever explain. I've gotta get back home. We'll ride to New Orleans and try to forget everything we learned about growing up. I can't stand to let you down. I wouldn't get your hopes up if I didn't think that there was a chance. My warmer springs. Shadows of addiction. I stopped trying. Yeah, I've finally met someone. I've got no words but you can check my heart rate. I guess we're all obsessed with New York stories. Work and trains. How things change. You'd never believe how much things have changed. I've gotta get back home. We'll ride to New Orleans and try to forget everything we learned. Maybe we should just put this thing to rest? How much longer can I call this place home? My dad's still dead. My mom still hurts. But my friends are still golden. How much longer can I call this place home?
Track Name: 8020 South
Way back when I lived in a place where seeing stars is not some special treat, just like sleeping in your car. I took that for granted, but I know better now. How'd I get so lucky? Bees die when they sting you. We laughed, but we know it's true. I can't argue. And you, even when you lied you taught me something. And me, I'll just say that I'm doing the best I can. How'd I get so lucky? I'm not even tired. I just need to clear my head so I can sleep.
Track Name: Dear Guys
This is the only way I have ever released these hidden frustrations. Why should I care?
Why? In you or me. Anger, frustration, regret. It's in me. It's all to much when it's all to real. moving nowhere to moving forward to waiting missing my ride, losing my mind. Further inside, further away, making mistakes from making the same decisions. It's in me, it's in you too. What do you do with this? Where does it go? It can't be repressed, where does it go? It can't be repressed. yelling at a mic, yelling at myself. further inside, deeper inside, further inside.